Digital Health Company Now Handling Oncology Treatment Reviews for 100% of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Members

ATLANTA – [January 11, 2022] — OncoHealth, the leading digital health company for navigating the physical, mental and financial complexities of cancer care, has announced a multi-year partnership with Triple-S Salud, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Puerto Rico’s largest insurer. OncoHealth and Triple-S have been partners for over two years and today, the companies announced that they have expanded their partnership to include cancer treatment reviews for all lines of business, including 450,000 Puerto Rico Government Health Plan Vital Medicaid members. This expands the health plan’s relationship with OncoHealth, which is already managing 100% of the Triple-S Medicare Advantage population and its Federal Employee Benefits (FEHB) program. The addition of the Medicaid membership brings the entire population being served by OncoHealth to more than 634,000.

In addition to the partnership on treatment reviews, Triple-S is now leveraging OncoHealth’s cloud-based analytics software to better understand trends in cancer drug spending, areas for improvement in coverage policies, and for deeper insights into the Triple-S provider network.

“Working with OncoHealth is a collaboration that ensures our members are receiving guidance on the best cancer care options available while enabling our providers to have access to OncoHealth’s leading cancer experts to ensure the best care for their patients,” said Tammie Phillips, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations and Strategy for Triple-S. “The oncologist-to-oncologist interactions performed by OncoHealth have driven increased adherence to evidence-based and standard of care treatments. The relationship also provides a consistency of cancer care across all of our FEHB, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid members.”

Triple-S has been focused on providing quality care services to its members for nearly 60 years. They currently serve 1.2 million subscribers and are recognized as one of the leaders in providing managed care in Puerto Rico.

“We are extremely proud of our relationship with Triple-S,” said Rick Dean, OncoHealth’s CEO. “They have been great partners for several years now and our investment in Puerto Rico continues to increase with this most recent expansion. OncoHealth has expanded its presence in San Juan and we now employ over 30 people on the island to better serve our growing customer base.”

OncoHealth combines real-world data and cutting-edge analytics with a dedicated team of renowned oncology experts to deliver solutions used by health plans, providers, patients, and researchers that help navigate the complicated world of cancer care. The company modernizes the management of cancer treatment through digital health solutions specialized for oncology.


About OncoHealth
OncoHealth is a leading digital health company dedicated to helping health plans, employers, providers, patients, and life science researchers navigate the physical, mental, and financial complexities of cancer through technology enabled services and real-world data analytics. Supporting more than 7 million people in the US and Puerto Rico, OncoHealth offers digital solutions for treatment review, real-world evidence, and virtual care across all cancer types. For more information, visit

About Triple-S Salud
Triple-S Salud is the leader in health insurance and the largest health insurance company in Puerto Rico. For over 55 years we have focused on giving special attention to quality to keep the company at the leading edge of health and technology to assure our present and future. We were the first company to offer a health plan with an open access network. We work hard to fulfill our commitment of providing services to all market segments and feel proud that in our hands lies the responsibility of taking care of 1.2 million members. For more, visit


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