You’re Leading the Treatment.

We’re addressing the physical and emotional changes that come from living with cancer.

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Iris by OncoHealth

The industry’s first digital telehealth platform that delivers personalized, oncology-specific 24×7 support to navigate the emotional challenges and physical symptoms caused by cancer and cancer treatment.

Supporting Your Treatment Plan

As the patient’s oncologist, you’re leading the care team. We’re here to help your patients between visits with oncology nursing care for symptom management and oncology-specific mental health care. We are committed to excellent communication and collaboration with you and your team.

Answers. Support. Peace of Mind.

Iris enables patients to:

  • Meet with a licensed oncology therapist for guidance and coping strategies for the emotional side of cancer
  • Connect with a network of peer mentors who have had similar experiences with cancer
  • Talk to a nurse about a diagnosis, side effects, or symptoms

Access Anytime, Anywhere.

No Cost to the Patient

Iris is a member service and provided at no-cost through participating health plans.


Easily and securely connect with a team of dedicated US-based oncology experts via chat, phone, or video.

Always Available

In between office visits. In between scans. And in the middle of the night. Iris is staffed 24×7.

Our Clinical Team

Iris is developed and delivered by a team of oncology experts who have dedicated their careers to cancer diagnosis, treatment, supportive care, and psychosocial oncology. Our clinical leadership hails from top community and academic cancer centers in the US, such as Dana-Farber, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, Stanford Medical Center, and Moffitt Cancer Center.

  • Board-certified medical oncologists
  • Oncology certified nurses with years of bedside and chairside experience
  • Oncology mental health professionals, including psychologists and licensed oncology social workers
  • Board-certified oncology pharmacists

The Moments in Between

Andre's Story

Andre's Story

Andre had recently finished his treatment, a milestone that he was supposed to be happy about. But he was feeling depressed. He had never experienced this before and he couldn’t just snap out of it. He was too ashamed to bring it up with his family or friends. But he knew he needed help.

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At his next visit, he mentioned this to his oncologist. The doctor recommended Iris as a way to connect with oncology mental health experts.

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When Andre got home he activated his Iris account, and within minutes scheduled a visit with a mental health therapist for later in the week.

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With her help, Andre realized that one thing that always brought him joy was getting up and making his kids breakfast. Using this one routine helped him connect with what he valued – caring for his kids. Andre began to feel a renewed sense of purpose in his days.

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Cancer changed his life, but it didn’t have to dictate it.

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