240,000 members now have access to OncoHealth’s Iris platform, which provides Oncology-specific Mental Health Care, 24×7 Symptom Management, and Nutritional Support

July 19, 2023 – MINNEAPOLIS — One year after piloting a new digital health service to support members undergoing cancer treatment, HealthPartners today announced that it is expanding the service to include 240,000 fully insured commercial members.

Iris, developed by OncoHealth, enables members to connect with a team of cancer clinicians, nurses, social workers and peers any time of day via chat, phone, or video to discuss their cancer questions, including symptom and side-effect management, depression, anxiety, nutrition, sexual wellness and other aspects of treatment.

“Cancer has a significant impact on a member’s daily life and their wellbeing. It’s also the second highest driver of costs to our commercial-insured population,” said Dr. Kevin Ronneberg, medical director with HealthPartners. “The initial feedback we received from members was positive. By helping members address side effects of cancer treatment and support their emotional wellbeing, we can improve quality of life and help ease the physical and financial burdens associated with cancer care.”

During the initial pilot phase, 43% engaged with a member of the Iris clinical team, including nurses and mental health experts, with an average of 2.3 interactions a month, while 68% utilized a personalized, self-directed curriculum.

With Iris by OncoHealth, HealthPartners’ members have access to services specific to their cancer including:

  • 24 x 7 access to a team of oncology nurses who can provide expert, personalized advice on managing side effects, questions to ask the doctor, and help with navigating all the resources within Iris
  • Mental health sessions with a licensed therapist specializing in working with members and families dealing with cancer
  • Personalized nutrition support from a licensed nutritionist and dietician
  • Digital tracker for recording goals and side-effects
  • Special invitations to virtual events with leading clinical experts
  • Library of over 200+ on-demand articles and videos pertaining to a member’s specific cancer, treatments, side effects, and procedures

“People with cancer and their caregivers deserve round-the-clock, convenient access to oncology experts who can answer their questions and help them cope with unexpected issues. The symptoms, mental health needs, dietary limitations, and financial challenges people with cancer experience should be addressed with the same level of urgency that we manage their chemotherapy regimens. That’s where Iris comes in,” said Andrew Norden, MD, chief medical officer at OncoHealth. “We are excited to offer expanded access to HealthPartners members.”

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